I have been doing Full-Stack development for almost two years now. As, a programmer these are some of the things you’re not supposed to do.

Looking into others plate. As, such there is not success formula. So, never look into others life and try adapt it. Not only as programmers, even as humans this is something we always tend to do . I have done it a lot of time. I started Data Science and left it in the middle, because I had an idea for building an application and wanted to build it myself. In that path, I leanred a lot. But, everytime a I see a Freelance Data Scientist making more money than me, something in me keeps telling me to go back to it. But, What worked for him, may not certainly work for me. And, our goals, vision they are all different. So, don’t look at someone and try copy them.

Don’t rush. I know it’s not so easy, especially when this internet age made you feel, you’re supposed to get settled before 25.

Take your time, success dosen’t come in single day.The only thing you gotta concentrate on is, you’re not supposed to be stagnent. You have to keep working, small changes means a lot. Maybe, someone is making good money and enjoying righ now, but you can’t be sure about what they went through to reach that place, or what he’s gonna do in future. Jeff Bezos got the idea of Amazon when he was 30. I’m not telling to you chill and waste you time. Just don’t rush. It’s fine to grow at a good steady phase, than growin fast and reaching the stagnent point soon.

Don’t self doubt. I have done this a lot of times,I often think if I’m made for this.

If you’re doing something and you’re enjoying it. You’re surely made for that. Enjoy the process, it’s not about the final result all the time. You chose this and you gotta handle what so ever comes with this.

So, guys its that simple, I can’t surely define success in one word, but I can tell you one thing that’s common in all the people who have succedded so far, its PERSISTANCE. Do, programming daily. You’ll see the chnage.

Full Stack Developer. React JS, Django REST, PostgreSQL.